Exciting announcement! The leadership and operations of the ministry of Horn Creek has transferred to Sky Ranch Christian Camps. Sky Ranch is a 60 year old camp dedicated to leading youth and families to know and follow Christ, with locations in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Encouraging and strengthening families in their relationships with one another and with the Lord are key to Sky Ranch, just as the case has been with Horn Creek for the past 65 years – cultivating generations committed to Christ. Sky Ranch runs programs similar to Horn Creek – – Overnight Summer Camp, Family Camp, Parent Child Weekends, Retreats, and Wilderness Adventures.

Below is a list of programs offered at Sky Ranch Horn Creek:


Horn Creek Family Camp

Quest Colorado


Base Camp (New page coming soon)

Horn Creek Fellowship (Coming Soon)

Full Time Employment

Summer Employment

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Doug McClain at dougm@skyranch.org or via phone at 719.783.2205.